Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day

I already wrote something for this week, but I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to post some more or less romantic songs, as it's Valentine's Day. No never-ending text though, just music (ok, I'll still write, but not so much!). I don't want to post the four or five cheesy romantic songs everybody knows though, that would be boring. I'll try to be more or less original so whoever reads this posts discovers a few nice songs. As I said, the songs won't necessarily be super cheesy, but at least more or less love-related (a romantic-ish melody is enough to fit in that category in my book, by the way!). Oh, and, as always, here's the link to the facebook page for this blog:

Anyway, here are the songs:

Lágrimas Negras isn't really the kind of song anyone would listen on Valentine's Day... it's a love song, but not precisely a happy one. Still, this version is magnificent; you won't listen to a more elegant piano. You just won't.

Ok, time for another sad song, but that'll change soon, I promise. Damn it seems I've just been dumped or something, but it's nothing like that, I'm fine, no tears in my eyes, promised! Anyway Don't Think Twice, It's All Right is (one of) the saddest song(s) I've heard. It's a pity youtube blocks 90% of uploads concerning Bob Dylan. I uploaded the version from the album Dylan but it's not there anymore, so this other version will have to do. Still, the guitar work in the blocked one made the song much more heartbreaking that it already is... although the lyrics are more than enough. If anyone identifies with them, it'll be a tough three minutes.

Smiling time now! Cali has a few love-related songs in his album L'amour Parfait, some happy, some sad. My French is not perfect but after reading the lyrics (and well, the mood of the song makes it pretty clear, I'd say) it looks like Pensons à L'avenir is a song about... a happy couple thinking about the future. Comforting stuff.

If I write "love song by Eric Clapton" maybe the first one that will come to mind is Wonderful Tonight. My choice is still pretty obvious: Layla is not as romantic, but holy cow, just listen to this version. One of my favourite songs of all time.

Update: Youtube deleted the version I mentioned, so here's another one.

Next one's pretty sad again. Don't Let The Moment Pass is a song from the Freudiana album by Eric Woolfson (it was going to be an APP effort at first but things changed, I'll explain that another day). Now tell me this song is not beautiful.

Now, I know Jethro Tull is not the most romantic band of all time but hey, they do  have some love songs. This one kind of reminds me to the one from Cali I posted earlier.


This one kind of has a special meaning for me, many memories. Anyway it's beautiful right? It just can't sound more romantic!

This song is about an ex-girlfriend of Paul Simon, if I'm not mistaken. For those who have an ex far away and still remember him/her!

Ok ok I'm almost done. Last sad song of the day. Very sad. If I could choose a voice, I'd choose this man's voice, though, it's so sweet even in sadness that it breaks my heart. The song is about an impossible love story because the girl's family just won't allow it. Here's the translation to English:

I know I've posted quite a lot of sad songs, which maybe is not the most appropriate thing for today, so to make up for that, here's a song that will make everyone smile! I guess most of you already know it though.

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